No Smoking Day

Monday 2nd June

Hi All,

Im new to this forum, ive made a date of tomorrow to stop smoking. Im doing it with a few mates at work however im not working for the next three days so im doing it all on my own.

Reason for stopping, my asthma, my health, my partner and my family. Ive been smoking for 7 years i get through a pack of 20 in two days, ok some of you may think thats nothing but thats alot to me.

I see all the adverts on the tv and the reaction my family give me when i spark up and it hurts inside to think that my body is changing due to a menthol fag.

Ive tried giving up once before, i was stressed out ( i work in a service centre so its extremely stressful at times) , i was putting on weight i nearly ruined my relationship so i started up again. I didnt have any regrets at the time now im wishing i never did.

This is it though im giving up cold turkey tomorrow for the rest of my life. Only thing im scared of is putting on weight, ive trained my mind to spark up if im hungry am i really going to get out of the habit and not eat instead when i want a cigarette? Who knows.......

Kelly 1

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Welcome Kelly

Congrats on your quit for tomorrow Dont worry to much about the weight at the start they say the body settles down after 6 months. Just try things to nobble that are not to fattning. drink lots read everything and keep posting every one here knows what you are going throght and will help all they can. love Linda xxxx


Ok I'm gonna get in here quick before John does.

Two things:

Allen Carr and !!! Research both! There, I stole John's thunder and it feels GOOOOOOOOOOOOD :cool:

Good luck with your quit Kelly. Not that you need it of course.

Sorry, would post more but I gotta go jump in the bath!

I'm sure some other nutters um I mean posters will be around soon to cheer you on. Well done for stopping and hope to see you posting lots and lots and lots! :D


welcome kelly...

congratulations on your decision to quit...i understand you r worries about gaining weight - it was one of the things that kept me smoking for so many years...BUT it is possible to quit smoking without gaining weight..;)Don't substitute food for cigarettes...easy?!?!? No, seriosuly, I've been quit for 2 months now and I haven't gained has been difficult cos there seems to be a natural desire to put something in one's mouth!?!?;) I drank a huge amount of coffee in the first few days and chewed my way thru vast amounts of sugarfree gum - Airwaves works well...and Rescue Remedy pastilles - which have double benefit of being "calming" and sugarfree occupation for the mouth!!! And take exercise if at all possible - the fresh air makes you feel good and the exercise helps with any extra calories you may consume...

If you do find you gain a few pounds as so many do, DON'T let it affect your determination to quit - you have to gain a HUGE amount of weight to do as much harm to your health as smoking!!

GOOD LUCK - we're all here to support you help you in your lots drink lots exercise lots and be happy you have escaped the nicotine trap...



Well done Kelly! :)


Morning Kelly

Well done on your decision - if your head is in the right place you will quit, dont worry too much about the weight, i thought i had put on loads but it turned out to be just 4lb !!! Stay positive, and keep logging on here you will get loads of support.



Thank you guys, i feel more at ease now that i know there are people out there.

And thanks for the Alan Carr book ive been trying to find out the name of that for ages. Ill go and buy it now.

So 20 minutes of waking up, all i can think about it sparking. Im going to preoccupy myself by having a bath .



Welcome and well done..!

In your first week especially, remember that your sole aim is not to have your next smoke. Whatever method you choose to achieve that is cool. If you eat a box of cherry bakewells so be it.

Once you've done a day you can do two and once you've done two you can do four.

Little steps, day by day and you'll get there.

Many of us have been where you are now. It's not painful and the rewards are huge.

Stopping sucessfully is down to attitude.

There's loads on this forum to read and loads that will point you in the right direction.

Here's MY point....



Well done Kelly on your decision to quit, its the best gift you can give your body:D

I found that by drinking lots and lots of water and making up a pack of nibbles, celery, carrots, fruit grapes etc helped to keep the weight off, well a bit anyway. Sod it i will sort that out later:rolleyes: The main thing is not to have one puff of one of those foul things, ever.

Good Luck, keep us informed on how your doing.

I have been quit for 2 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 13 hours, 19 minutes and 8 seconds (73 days). I have saved £257.43 by not smoking 1,471 cigarettes. I have saved 5 Days, 2 hours and 35 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 20/03/2008 23:24


Hi All,

Reason for stopping, my asthma, my health, my partner and my family. Ive been smoking for 7 years i get through a pack of 20 in two days, ok some of you may think thats nothing but thats alot to me.

Hi Kelly - all the best in your quit. I was a smoker for over 40 years. Not many at first but then they crept up. Even one now is too many so your 20 in two days is something. As others have said, just keep coming on here, reading and drinking loads of water. Also, be prepared for a good belly laugh on here now and again. That also helps.


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