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Hi Im new and on day 7

Hi everyone. Im Tillie and have just joined. I started taking Champix 2 weeks ago and quit last Monday. Im finding it really hard so thought Id join a forum to get some support. I have felt soooo ill since taking them, really bad feeling of sickness, dizzy spells, feeling faint, funny taste in mouth, all all really crap :( Ive had a couple of blips, last night was one, I had a couple of puffs from a ciggie I remembered I had in my van..oops. And the other couple of puffs today. I am constantly thinking fag..fag..fag 24/7 and its doing my head in. I dont have anyone thats being supportive or in the same situation..well I didnt but now I have you guys ;). They say craving lasts minutes so why do I want a ciggie constantly!? As soon as I had my couple of puffs I was fine.

Anyway hi to you all.

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Hi, Ive been on the Champix site ( but havent found it huge help, I feel people going throught the same emotions will be more help to me.

I'll keep going cause even though I think about fags 24/7 its only say 10% of the time that I really fancy one.

I'll take a look at the other site..thanks


Hi Tillie

Congrats & welcome

Im not a champix user myself but have read that if you take the tabs with food that helps the sickness. Like John said there is a lot of members here who use them and they will help more. Also i will say one thing try to stop having blips then things will start to get a lot easyer. Keep posting & reading this will also help. Linda xxxx Ps You will think about fags 24/7 at the start but this also gets less as time gose on xx


Hey Tillie.

I hope you find these forums a great help. I certainly have. The people on here are very supportive, and if you ever feel like giving in, just post a message for help and someone will reply to you very quickly!

I don't know anything about champix (cos they wouldn't give me it!), but however you decide to continue, it's more than worth it. I am now on my 22nd day, and I feel like a different person, so do keep going.

Also, what John says about reading is right. Browse thru the posts here and you will find plenty of things to inspire and motivate you. Actually, I think I may have swopped my addiction to smoking, to an addiction to these forums lol.

Keep it up :cool:


Thanks guys.

I have gone through loads of posts which is great as its keeping me occupied plus is giving me lots of encouragement.

I do take the Champix with food but nothing seems to help, I will stick with them though.

Linda....Im glad its normal to think about fags 24/7, my friends that have quit in the past say its not. I know the blips must stop, I'll try :)

Ive also posted on the Champix thread, well I think I have:rolleyes:


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