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Cold Turkey! Aggh!


This is my 1st post on these forums. I am 23 and have been smoking for just over 10 years. I used to smoke around 20+ a day ( although i used to say to friends and family i smoked less to make myself feel better). The reason i stopped smoking is that i have develop a smokers cougth and feel tight chested in the mornings. Lung disease scares the crap out of me!!!

Today is day 4 using the dreaded cold turkey method. I chose to do it this way as i am very skint and i dont fully agree with nicotene patches/inhalers ( the last thing i want in my body when i'm quitting is nicotene! )

i have found today to be the hardest yet. I'm unable to concentrate on anything, i'm extremely irratible and feeling VERY anxious. I am extremely tired as i cannot get to sleep at night. Anyone else experience this??


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sorry i cant stay to leave propper message - but stay on in there it really will get better - promise


Hi congrats on deciding to quit!

Just stay focused on what your doing and try not to worry about it all, I know its easier said than done, but it will only make things worse. Worrying and wondering whether you've made the right choice can kill a quit attempt, you need to try and believe its all okay and that its easy!

Consider reading up at places like whyquit and smokeworm etc, and even Easyway. A little knowledge goes a hell of a long way in giving up smoking.

Im sure some of the more eloquent members will drop their advice too, I can never type exactly what im trying to say lol!


Hi Pete

Congrats on stopping the nasty weed. I know what you mean re the tight chest and coughing, I got that way too. Mornings, my chest would feel crap but improved as the day wore on. I guess it would only be a matter of time until such a day my chest WOULD NOT improve as the day wore on. Scary thought!

I made my quit really easy by reading Allen Carr's 'Easyway'. Like you, I'm not a fan of nicotine replacement therapy as it always made my quits harder.

As for the tiredness, I got that too. I also went through a phase of feeling as if I was going mad! I'm told its the extra oxygen you get when you stop smoking.

Not that you need it of course, but good luck! :D


Hi Pete

Welcome hope your feeling better today. All nicoteen should be gone by now and you should be feeling tons better today. Things will start to get easyer from now on keep posting the people here are a great support. You will soon be counting the weeks/months with the rest of us stick with it its so worth it linda xxx


Woh! That is pretty full on!

Me and my girlfriend ( who is also quitting ) went to our first social event as ex smokers last night. It was very odd.. Smoking was always my way of settling in at partys. At first i was extremely irratble but after the 1st hour i accepted i'm not a smoker and settled in. Whilst drunk it's very easy to give in to those crappy faggies but some how i didn't!!:)

Unfortunately my girlfriend ended up smoking 2 roll ups. I tried to stop her but she had already made her mind up. She fully regrets it today , poor thing. It was so difficult not to smoke with her but some how i didn't give in. I am so proud of myself! This was my 1st real test and i feel so good that i got through it.

Day 6 tomorrow!!!!!!!:D


Good Job for not smoking on your night out! I'm sure your GF will get there in the end.

You should feel real proud of yourself! Long may it continue! :D


Hello IJoinedOnDay4, I quit cold turkey too and actually joined the forum on Day 5 :p - may you soon feel free from nicotine and from the addiction! the important thing is you already are free, but you have to kinda teach it to your brain ;) As much as sometimes I have felt bad during my quit, the 'bad' was never close to that of those first few days so hang in there, the worst is truly almost over! feeling like utterly abandoned, totally unable to focus on easy tasks, anxious, willing to cry for no reason other than sheer frustration is VERY common, but hey it all does go away and sooner than you expect too. Think about it, no one (certainly not I) could ever stay smoke free if those feelings would linger longer than a few days! Just think strong pal, and you're going to make it too :)


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