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Day 7 - And reality kicks in

Well, I made it this far but today, life caught up with me.

I got a phone call off my mam at 4 this afternoon telling me she had to go in to hospital. I haven't been able to go and see her yet cos I had to pick my little boy up and by the time I got him home and fed it was too late.

Usually, in situations like this I would smoke myself silly, and somehow, I would be able to put my head straight. The rational, sensible, part of me knows that the fags didn't do anything special, but now my nicotine addled brain is telling me I need a fag in order to cope.

I'm not about to go and buy any fags or anything, but how do you cope when bad things happen? I just can't seem to straighten myself out at the minute and the feeling is pretty scary!

Is it normal for this to get harder this far in? I'm sort of treating these forums as a kind of diary, so I apologise if people reading it see it as the rambling of a crazy man... :(

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Hey mojo, thanks for the reply. I'm not gonna give in, it's just hard trying to find new ways of coping with stuff.

For anyone just starting to stop (?) or thinking about stopping, don't let my difficulties put you off. As tough as it is, it's more than worth it. I feel a thousand times better than I did a week ago, and these forums have played a big part in getting me this far. Being able to rant and whinge, and get support from people who know what it's like has been great. It's also been a kind of motivator - not wanting to give in when I've got people behind me!

Sorry if that sounds a bit soppy or owt, but it's been an emotional day so I'm allowed :o


Hi Dave

Sorry you're going through a hard time at the mo. I myself have suffered an awful week and although it didn't make me want to smoke, I know there are others out there where crappy circumstances does make them feel more vulnerable in their quit. We all just have to deal with it the best way we can. For me, its reading of other peoples experiences on here and also just writing down how I feel (which is why I keep a blog).

Maybe you should get yourself a blog Dave? Maybe having somewhere to go to each day to record your thoughts might help you also? Just an idea. When you're feeling really down, just go to your blog and release your thoughts into words on your blog. Record good days too so that you have positive notes to look back on also.

Hope your mum gets better soon and that it isn't anything too serious.


Hi Dave, if it's any comfort, for me, the worst days were, the 8,9,10 days.:eek: I am now 4 months in, and yesterday, was a bad day for me. :confused: I don't know why, l just seemed to have forgot that l don't smoke anymore. :confused: This NIC devil, certainly has something to answer for. :mad:

Love Josie


keep strong

hi dave

you are still at the early stages, even if it feels like a lifetime to you!!!

i think the first few days are easier as you have a lot of strengh but as weeks go by, it can get very wearing at times. i used to come on here a lot and say my peace, to get it off my chest and that really helps , so go ahead and ramble, thats what it is here for. and its so nice to get a reply, i dont think i could have done it without this forum. anyway, you have done well not to cave in your time of trouble, i have been very lucky in the fact that i have not had that prob ...........yet!!!

now i am starting to ramble , soooooooooo keep at it, stay strong, and remember a cig is not gonna sort out any life troubles... a drink might help u forget tho lol, take care hun xxxxxxxxx


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