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I started smoking when I was 10 years old, before I wanted to make singing my career. So young, that it’s only after stopping for 10 weeks I know what its like to go without. I want to stop but find it difficult as my boyfriend smokes to, it not doing my voice any good at the moment. I'm smoking more than ever and I have a cough starting, need help its not the nicotine it the actual holding the fag that I miss when I stop its driving me nuts now thinking of stopping when I wake up.


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go to the docs - loads of help out there, what about the little puffer, my friend swears by it, could be worth a try.

Good luck



;)The first step is the hardest but as jojo says, ask your doctor for help and advice - there are so many ways to help you. I dealt with the hand to mouth habit by eating (too much) and then playing with paperclips. Others i am sure will be keen to share their trade tricks too



Hi, well I haven't had one

trying to find the scissors to put a patch on. I'm with my local chemist they gave me patches and chewing gum last time I stopped. wasn't long ago and they don't know I started back. I need more support by people who have quit rather than people who have never smoked and I think maybe you all will be a great help. I'm feeling positive. got to shift this cough to before tomorrow night I'm singing and river deep mountain high is big song I can't do it with this frog in my throat.

Will visit the doc next day off, as I would like him to assess my breathing also I'm going to find some little game puzzle to mess with and when it's really bad I go outside and breath fresh air I don't want one of them fake smokes I find they might keep the hand to mouth habit up.

Thanks for the support will be back later got the patch on now.



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