No Smoking Day
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omg day 3 hell!

:eek:today was pretty bad to be honest .. very stressfull time at work and felt like throlltling some ppl ! felt like chewing on my shoes at one point . but hey im still here , i didnt give in, and i madw a few of my colleagues laugh when i said i was popping to have a blast on my i pod !

noticed i was much grumpier today and quite short with people and the tiniest thing irritated me

feel a lot better now im at home and can relax a bit. so hows the other day 3ers doing ? xxx

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Day 3 for me was hell too! I am now on day 9 and am having a better time than then (not great but better!)

I wish you all the best xxxxx


Hi john , im using patches so i suppose im cheeting a bit .. but if it makes it easier for me it cant hurt .. but i am a bit worried cos im still taking nicotene arent i? and thats what i want out of my system will try and go cold turkey by next week ( thats what i used last time ) xxx


Hi Fay and Sue ,

thank you for your words of encouragement its nice to know it gets easier and i know it does, ive been there before (4 times) but sometimes it just good to know that someone else completely understands how sh**ty ,angry,and depressed you feel,and still has the time to help and empathise . thanks xxx


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