No Smoking Day

thanks everyone

hi catwan, barbara, Linda, and johntkd,,

thanks for your lovely words.. really is nice to know that you Guys are out

there ready to help, that what also help me with my Quit knowing that you

are out there if i needed to talk. thanks,;)

take care all.... and for everyone out there who are on your Quit, or who

are thinking about it.. just do it... not going to be easy. but you will feel

better afer a few days.. dont give-in. :cool:

all the best to everyone.


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Awww how nice, Alan. :)

I am sooooo glad I found this site (by accident - or maybe someone was guiding me?) :confused:

The support here is brilliant. I think we should all give each other a pat on the back! (((( Group Hug )))) :D


hi Barb.

how do you get those smiley, please let me know




someone was pinching in the hug.

Maddie was that you? :)

:( Why does everybody think I'm a mean howwible person? :(:(


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