No Smoking Day
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evening all

evening team,

how is everyone doing tonight.. hope some of our team is ok. not heard from

some for a few days. saw smoking nurse this afternoon.. she now have me

down as a non smoker which is really good for me.. never through i could do

this as i was smoking a lot more cigarette;s than i did before. will-power play

a big part in me stoping, but so did all of you on this forum.:)

you help me by giving us your experiences from day to day. and how you was

feeling. thanks for your help everyone, KEEP GOING.. see you all tomorrow

best of Luck;)


smoke 35 + a day.

Quitt on 12/3/08

cigs not smoke 735 so far.

money save.. 196.60p

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congratulations to being officially a non-smoker - well done - great applaus :)


thanks sunny,

geting much easyer now. feel almost a new man. was nice to hear the nurse

call me a non-smoker after all those years. :D


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