Two months today

Hi everyone

Two months today, I start on the third stage patches I did'nt think I could go 8 hours and here I am 8 weeks. Still getting bad days Saturday night at work I very nearly gave in, not sleeping does'nt help so last night I took advice from people on here and took my patch off it was better. Mind you it's not all giving up smoking (it's my age).

Anyway onwards hopefully.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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  • Welldone Kim

    2 months congrats I used patches on my last quit and taking them off at night made things easyer when I stopped them. Linda xxxx

  • Well done Kim.

    It's great to hear of a success!

    Keep on!

    Bill X

  • Alriiiiight!! Well done cupcake!!! Brilliant stuff!!! Nearly catchin y'up!! :D

  • Woo! Hoo! Well done!

  • Well done Kim - what an achievement. Keep on going on.

  • Nice one cupcakes, I hit 1 month at 1am this morning so we're nearly in the same club. Happy times all round!

  • Re-patches


    The patches are a ten week course I've started the last two weeks, they get smaller reducing the nicotine. :D

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