No Smoking Day
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My Day 1 on Microtabs

I would have normally had 3 cigs by now, and this morning was fairly easy..... but now its all I can think about!Grrrrr!

These microtabs really burn and when you swallow (not the microtab) it numbs your tounge and throat.

God I hope this gets easier!

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It's my first day too. I'm going turkey this time.

Good Luck with your quit!


hiya and welcome

have you tried the gum or lozenges? ive used the micotabs before myself so i know what you mean.


Good Luck to you too. Keep me informed on how ur getting on!


All ive tried before is Zyban. But thinking about changing to the lozenges. But does this affect you trying to stop? I heard you are really only suppose to stay on one type of NRT?


Well done to you!



Hi Dee and wkd, welcome to you both, today is the first day of the rest of your lives as non smokers.

well thats the serious bit over lol..... nope well done both of you, sometimes the hardest bit is making the decision to stop.

The forum is a great place to be, i find that if i have a craving it helps me get back on the straight and narrow, when im upset it makes me laugh.

If ya need help just shout we're all here for ya.


I have been smoke free for 5d 14:31 , I have not smoked 162 cigs,

I have saved £35.24


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