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My first day again


Today 24/02/2007 my first no smoking day. :eek: I am quitting with nicorette inhalator. Not feeling too bad. My Husband is quitting also, the best moral support. This is the second time for us we managed six months last time. Then just one cig led to another, I will never do that again. Feel I need more help this time. I am new to all this net stuff. I have nicked my daughters computer,now She,s at uni. This time i am quitting for good. :D

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Hi and welcome to the forum, Angel,

I'm using the puffer too, and I really find it does the trick.

I've not used a forum before, either, and I find it's wonderfully helpful.

Who else needs to talk about this stuff but others in the same boat ?

Lots of good stuff in the 'TIPS' section too.

And it's just so clear how different we all are...So anything that's happening to you isn't 'weird' or 'weak''s just YOU!

Keep on keepin' on and good luck...we're all here for you.

Bill X


Yeah! Congratulations to you both! :)

My first week is almost over, and it's not been near as painful as I thought it would be.

I'm quite chuffed I've not punched anyone (yet ! :D) Only joking!!!!

You CAN do this!


welcome angel and hubby :D

its brill you are both quitting together , you will get support on here , the people are very helpful


Hi ya

Best of luck to both of you - if kids have left home should be a doddle !:D


Pretty good so far.

Only one kid gone other daughter still here for at least another eight years. We have both been pretty relaxed so far, just keep puffing on inhalator. Dont think my hubby has any fingernails left anyway.:rolleyes:


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