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Failed at day 8

Hello everyone,

Ive signed up with the username "braindead" because thats how I felt until half an hour ago !

Ive just had my first fag in 8 days and now I feel like Einstein :D

I want to ask the members about concentration at work because this is the only reason why I have failed. I can handle the other symptoms but I cannot handle being braindead at work, because quite simply I will lose my job if I had let it continue.

Patches and gum have helped me in the past with cravings but they did not give me back my brain.

I wasnt sitting at my desk losing concentration because I was pre-occupied with the thought of smoking, I was sitting at my desk with a totally and utterly blank mind and was simply useless at even the most menial tasks.

If im to try again I think I need to do it with 2 weeks off work.

Any advice ?

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Hey BD.. I've been exactly the same throughout my quit.. (day 21 today). In my job I am supposed to be on the ball and very organised... I have been usueless! Concentration = NIL. Hence so many posts on here... that's all I could do.. focus on what I was doing. BUT if I didn't keep going with this lack of concentration and "bundle" through my days as best I can then I would be smoking for the rest of my life; as you will be if you associate smoking with your level of concentration.

I think you have to find some inner strength from somewhere and tell yourself that you know what's gonna come in the initial stages of stopping smoking and focus on your work 200% more than normal to get you through.. it CAN be done, you just gotta concentrate a bit harder for a short while! Don't give up! 8 DAYS IS FANTASTIC!


Thanks for the replies.

I should note that this recent attempt has been without any NRT at all. Heres a list of symptoms and my reactions:

1: Missing the 'habit' - easy to control.

2: Thinking about smoking - im too busy working for that to be a problem.

3: In the company of known smokers - piece of cake.

4: Warm, cosy feeling after smoking a fag - wear a jumper.

5: Headaches and dizzy spells - difficult but do-able.

6: Irritability - only annoying for those around me.

7: Bloated feeling after a big meal - difficult, so eat smaller meals.

8: Eating more food in general - no problem because I burn it all off.

9: Tea, coffee - nothings changed there.

10: Utter zero concentration / brainpower at work - totally unacceptable and not do-able.

Last week I couldnt even add up simple sums and people said I looked very drunk or stoned.

I dont drink alcohol.

Im very fit and very active.

But I need my brain to earn a living :(

Edit- Lada Sa, your right but my job is on the line and ive had 1 verbal warning.


That's very good!

BD.. what a nightmare for you. I hope you find a way round this problem for the future.


Thats an interesting read but unfortunately I cannot print it and give it to my boss with a sticky note saying "heres why you shouldnt give me the sack".

I work up to 16 hours per day and often 6-7 days per week, I earn good money and I am damn good at what I do. Last week I turned into the 'tea boy, useless office junior' and my constant mistakes were causing a great deal of concern amongst the team.

Imagine an airline pilot getting ready for take-off and then asking the stewards "erm, anyone know what these buttons and dials do" :eek:

Has anyone here tried the 2 weeks holiday method ?


We do not have an HR department, thank god.

If we had an HR dept I wouldnt want to work there at all, regardless of anything.

Im part of an extremely hard working, risk taking team and the job is basically "perform or leave", and its a business approach that I agree with 100%.


Hi there Braindead, Sorry that you have had a blip and that is all it is you have not failed at all.

There are many days in a quit that can be harder than others and maybe that what happened to you.

Stay positive and you can beat this. xxx



BD, this is a difficult situation.

Would it be worth trying to find out how long it's likely to be before your O2 levels revert to normal?

At the very will have learned something really important for your ultimate success in STOPPING SMOKING...which is a goal so worth achieving (think about it!).

All the best with this. We're all with you in this!

Bill X


There is no such thing as failing to quit, only learning different ways to quit that WILL work.

From what you have said it looks like you might have a higher than normal chemical dependance on nicotine, therefore you may need to work with a doctor to work on working out a suitable NRT programme.

Start planning your next quit now, and good luck.


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