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Missing out

Hey guys

I have the last few days started to feel like i am missing out on something. Like walking down the street near where i work and seeing people sat in outdoor cafes having a coffee and a fag or a fag between courses at restaurants. (outdoor heaters are common here). I played football last night and a few of the guys sparked up after the game - my lungs were like hmmmm that looks nice. Drinking - whenever i have got drunk i have really wanted to smoke. Just for the taste and the feeling not because of any addiction - thats all gone hasnt it?

So whats this all about - the feeling that i am missing out on some aspect of life that i used to enjoy. I dont like it and worry this is what caused me to fail in the past? Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Well said Mo jo. Nothing more to add to that. except - pity them dont envy them. :D


Hi Paul

This is just a trick of the mind -I have them still. Quitting is a bit like grieving - we have to bury the preceived need we have of the cigarette. You are not missing anything or you would not be here - dont listen to the voice.

Keep strong - everyone says they are growing quieter with time.



thanks guys - i really appreciate the thoughts and advice - will keep it all in mind.


Dont listen to them thoughts Paul. That is why i have caved so many times. Just remember why you are quitting and if you did smoke now you would have to go right back to day 1 and we dont want that do we.


i understand what your feeling, now i find if i have a airways gum then inhale , i get a tiny kick in the back of my throat, its daft but it works for me!

and i dont stink!


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