No Smoking Day
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Day 9

Morning Everyone

Just Put On Patch 9, Only Had One Or Two Pangs. Just Keep Waiting For It To Get Really Bad It's Seemed To Easy Up Till Now, And I'm Scared I Won't Cope And Start Smoking Again And I Really Don't Want To I'm Really Proud Of Myself.

My Husband Is On Day Two But He Seems To Be Having An Allergic Reaction To The Patches And Is Struggling, Anyone Else Had This.

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Good luck with day 9 cupcake. Someone was saying earlier that their patch caused them to itch while someone offered the advice that if you shake them before putting them on - that helps to stop it.

I'm a Champix man myself so can't help anymore than that


I used patches cupcake and some days they used to leave a raised red mark, then another day not. i found they were ok on my arms but not on my body. So i only put them on the body when i was wearing clothes that showed my arms and legs, which thankfuly wasnt often in October and December. good luck you two xxx :)


Congrats on doing so well cupcake - hope you and mr cupcake have a fab smokefree valentines day :)


Hey cupcake!

Congratulations on Day 9!! Whoop whoop!!! :D

Keep going - you're doing brilliantly! :D



Hello Again

Thanks For That I Will Tell Him, And Thanks For The Advice Your Right Trying To Get Ahead Of Myself, It's Just My Niece Is Getting Married 29th March And I Want To Still Be A Non Smoker My First Ever Function Without The Fags. So I'm Keeping Them Crossed.


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