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where is everybody!!!!!!!!!


ok, there is only me and RoseB online at the moment and I'm feeling lonely!!!!!

how you doing, RoseB? you feeling ok?

maybe we should have a party!!!!! :p

more food and beer for us if only us attending!!!!

and when you all decided to grace us with your presence don't expect us to hold another one for you!!!!! you can't pick and choose when you want to spend time with us!!!!!!

RoseB, let's get the party started!!!!!!!! :D x x x

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I'm here with my dancing shoes (need the exercise) we'll get this party in full swing before the others arrive and they better have good excuses for being late!:p


yay!!!! well then you can still come to the party cos it hasnt actually started yet!!!!! :D :p x x

right get the tunes on!!!!!! its party time!!!!!!!! (you were just in time bou!!!!!) x x :D x x

Hi honey I'm Home :D

yay!!!!! we having a party!!!!!!

is anyone else gonna come? :p x x

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