No Smoking Day

week 4

what the hell is it all about? lol. im now well into week 4 and the first 3-4 days were hard but then i had a week or two that was quite easy really but for the last two days i could kill for a ciggy, i thought the cravings would have gone by now but it just seems like they are never gonna go away, i suppose after talking to someone yesterday who quit 7 years ago and they still get cravings im thinking god i cant live with cravings for ever. someone explain to me if the nicotine is out my system after 3-4 days , why does my body? or brain tell me i still want it, im sitting here and could easily nip out for a pack now im well p-ss-d about it :mad:

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hiya, ive been feeling a bit like you, today im ok , i think its the habit side of smoking, our brain still telling us to go for 1.

and apart from nicotine there are loads of other toxins we have to get out of our systems.

after 7 years, i doubt we get cravings, prob just a thought or a fancy for 1.

im hoping i dont crave after 3 months!?!

jude xx


Hi Iain - i guess everones different and you will always find the die hard ex-smoker who would 'kill' for a cig after 9 years without.

From my own experience, i can say that i haven't 'craved' a cig for months BUT i still do think about them.

It usually goes like this:

I'll be in a situation ie in a pub or with some smoking friends or stressed out;

the thought runs through my head ' I COULD have a cig now'

Straight away 10 other thoughts run through my head, something like:-

- its not worth it

- i'll feel physically sick

- i won't enjoy it

- i would be hooked again and have to go through another quit.

My dad has been quit for about 2 years now, and he says sometimes he still 'reaches' for his cigs, he doesn't want one, but the habit is still there.

My point is, we got trapped by nicotene once, which means we are susceptible to getting trapped again.

During this quit i have been determined to stay on my guard and not get caught out by one of those 'COULD' have a cig thoughts.

I definately don't CRAVE cigs anymore!

Hope this helps?!?! :o:o


I can't really comment on the concentration and anger, i'm sure i suffered them, but can't remember.

I do remember at lunchtimes at work i would go out for a walk around the block. After spending years nipping out for a cig every few hours, it was really difficult to sit at my desk all day, so i would make LOADS of cuppas and go out for walks instead.

The sleep thing affects everyone, some more than others. I knew this would bother me from previous quits and so i prepared, the end of last year was stressfull for lots of reasons and my sleep was disturbed.

A few things i tried that worked:

- switch to decaf coffee, i drink normal coffee in the morning and have decaf for the rest of the day - even have horlicks sometimes before bed - i am only 29 promise!!

- have baths before bed.

- listen to some kind of relaxation/hynotherapy cd before bed.

- use lavender candles or scents in the bedroom.

- EXERCISE, i sleep like a baby after a good work out.

Maybe the bath and candles are a bit girly, but they've all helped.

Now, they only reason i have trouble sleeping is when i have things on my mind, like work stuff.


medically, as far as i know nicotine leaves your system after 3 days (some research says 3 weeks).... however, the physiological effects that ciggies have had are bound to take longer - both me and hubby both have been suffering loss of concentration, and cant focus as well as inability to sleep some nights and being over tired at others times. I'm not sure how long this will take to resolve but feel confident that it will.... just keep telling yourself that it will pass and congratlate yourself on being cig free... your body is restoring itself :)


i'm nearing the end of my 4th week.. i haven't really had any cravings but i've had the worst sleep of my life... i wake up every hour & it just sucks

i blame it on working wierd hours though

say nooooo to smooooke!


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