Choco reaches 6 months 3rd Feb

Hi Guys, i posted somewhere else that i'd reached 6 months last Sunday, but wanted to 'officially' post in the 6 month room.

Wow it smells fresh in here, have you been cleaning Boudee??

I truly feel like a non-smoker now, and can't wait to reach a full year.

BUT i know never to be complacent, just one low moment and a puff of a cig will put me back at square one, I'm always trying to stay aware of that and keep my guard up.

I told my boss earlier this week that i'd reached 6 months, and he said 'But you're still counting', i said 'Too bloody right i'm counting, i'm damn proud of myself'.

Some non-smokers just don't understand!!!

Sorry i'm not around so much to encourage newbies, but it looks like Boudee, Buffy and clan are doing a great job.

I hope the fact that i've reached 6 months will inspire others to keep trying!!


My quit-o-meter says 27 weeks!! And saved £947.03 - wish i'd put it aside indstead of buying food to put in my belly!!! :D

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  • Yay choco - that's bloody fantastic! I remember when we just started and this seemed a looooooooong way off.

    Thanks for coming back and posting - it's always good to know that people are still going strong.

    Here's to the next 6 months.

    H x :)

  • Well done Chocco

    You stay up there in the penthouse babe not like me. Your doing great Keep going on the road to year one. Linda xxxxxxxx

  • Well done Choco!!:D

    Nice to see you're still about!;)

  • Go go choco :D

    I don't think an ex smoker ever stops counting?!

    As you say, it's an achievement and something to be proud of!!

    Boss man is a tad miserable :p lol

    Heres to a new room ;)

    ~Buffy x x

  • well done choco! That's great and yes, thanks for popping back to tell us.. we all need to hear good news from Those Who Went Before!:)

  • Hey choco well done! Penthouse is really filling up now.


  • Choco :)

    Good to see you again and hey what an awesome achievement omg - 6 months!

  • A million congratulations choco !!!:)

  • well done i got another 3 months to go all the best

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