No Smoking Day
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Oh, what a happy day!!!!!

Think God is rewarding me today for getting through the horrific weekend!!! :D

Got a call form Boots yesterday; I began a programme with them in October but started smoking again so never went back. I have been buying my own patches since because I was embarrased to admit that i had failed. Anyway to cut a long story short, the pharmasist called saying how was I doing. I called him back and explained the situation and he has let me continue on my programme, thus free patches til the end of my quit!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! :D

Had a very busy but very producative day at work.

Spoke to housing who said as long as we get father in laws signature on a letter they will let us know when a flat becomes available so he cant keep on throwing the letter away (sorry to whoever doesn't know about this story!!!! - too long winded to explain!)

It has been 27 days without a single puff and i am feeling gooooooood!!!!!!! A whole month tommorrow!!!!!! :D

How is everybody? Good I hope? If anyone is having a bad time of it, just know last weekend was the worst weekend I have ever experienced craving wize but today i feel ace for getting through so remember to keep at it - it is so worth it in the end!!!! no cig can make up for the chuffed feeling you get when you feel proud of how far you have come without them!!!!!

Oi, Nic :mad: mmwah, ha ha

Good luck everybody!!!! x x x x x

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Oh hunny I'm so pleased that things have turned around for you - you really deserved it after the cr*ppy time you were having last week.

Am SO impressed with you for staying strong and getting through it, under circumstances that would have made a lot of us cave. You are truly a star and should be rewarded with cake! :)

Big congrats on nearing the end of month 1 :):)


hbav you really are an angel!!!!!!! thank you sweetie :p x x x x


Well Done est for getting through such an awfull week without a ciggi.See you really are amazing:)!!!Glad things are on the up.Chrissie xx


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