Ahhh, not a good day

Well firstly let me say hello to all you fellow quitters. Dont let the fag win.

I stopped Jan 1st. Has been hard at times but nothing nothing compared to today. My mouth is actually going through the motions of having a puff without me trying!!!!! Going mad. I refuse to give up. I feel great with no fags. Dont start again anyone. I have saved equiv of 200 quid since I stopped and dont stink anymore of the dreaded tobacco. Take deep breaths and remember you could not do this a few weeks ago without coughing your guts up.


No more ciggies!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Welcome Camel

    I am a new years quitter also what method are you using. You will have great support here they are a really great bunch of people. You do get some really bad days I have had a few but find the longest it lasts is two days then you feel great because you have won another round with MR nic. Keep posting and stay strong. Linda xxxxxxx

  • Thanks for messages. I am using the Champix tablets. Actually I stopped taking them a couple of days ago. I couldnt cope with the lathargic feeling anymore. I think that is why I had the day I did last week. Seems to be fine now. Will keep going. I will however miss the vivid dreams that came with the Champix!!!!!

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