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strange side-effects of quitting?

I've been doing great (couple hours until 11 days) but have had a couple strange side effects. I know nightmares are somewhat normal but I've been having dreams about starting smoking again almost every night for the past three nights. Anyone else have this experience? The other thing that really worries me is that I've been having a bit of a bloody nose, it's not running but it's been like that for about four days. Is this common or should I be getting it checked out? I apologize if I'm not making any sense but I'm on another night of not being able to get to sleep properly.

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Congrats mate your doing fab. Keep up the good work .linda xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Welcome to the forum! Yeah, the symptoms you describe are associated with quitting.

I never got a bloody nose, but my very first attempt to quit, I got a sore throat and what felt like a cold.

The dreams are what I get...I smoke in my dreams quite a bit. One of them was so real, my hubbie woke me up and I thought I had cigarette breath! I panicked! LOL! (long story)

I haven't had a dream in awhile now, but they were coming every night in the beginning. I'm on my 11th day, too. It'll actually be 12 days in a few hours. You hang in there and don't get frightened about the symptoms you're experiencing. They will go away.

Everybody's quit is different, yet there are so many similarities. It's amazing.


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