No Smoking Day

Day 10

The days are just flowing by for me. I stopped having big anxious cravings several days ago. The only time I think of smoking now, is when I'm bored and have nothing to do. Then I quickly distract myself with a game or something online.

My workouts are going fine. I'm not losing any weight, though, cause I'm still eating alot. heh heh.

All in all, I feel so much better. I find myself concentrating on things I normally wouldn't think about, while I was smoking. My house is a lot cleaner. Not just in place and neat looking...but truly clean.

The funny thing is...since I quit there have been a few situations that have happened concerning my husband and friends, where I would've gotten caught smoking, without a doubt, if I had still been doing it. The charade would've been over. I'm just so thankful that I quit before my lie was discovered, and left shamed and embarassed.

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Such a good feeling to be upfront and honest x x

All that crosses your path now, you can deal with yourself, as you would. Not just thinking about a smoke!!

how cool eh?

Well done, keep on going this is where you belong x x


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