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No Smoking Day
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I made it through the weekend!

Ha ha. I done it. I did have some pretty harsh cravings, but i did it.

My OH is being a right tit (to be polite) at the minute, he goes out for a fag and stinks when he comes back in, at the beginning of the week i had him brushing his teeth and washing his hands and face every time he went out for a fag but i think the novelty wore off cause he isnt doing anymore.

Sod him, i can do it with or without his support ;)

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Well done you, who needs your OH eh you did it all on your own.

Keep up the good work



Hey Sara! Well done! I have caved the last two weekends now. I seem to have developed the weekend problem you had and I don't even have the excuse of living with a smoker!

Really congratulations because I know how tough weekends were for you. It must be so tough living with a smoker! You must be really proud of yourself for getting through the weekend! :)


Sara you are just brill!!!! well done girl!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!! :D x x x


Supersonicsheep - We`ll get there. Neither of us have just said "Oh balls to it" we have both came back admitted to having them and carried on, we`ll get there in the end :D


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