No Smoking Day

Day 12

Hi Fellow Quitters

Well its Day 12 Cold Turkey, not tempted to smoke at all. I am struggling with certain things though. Have had a constant headache for over a week now, paracetomol to the rescue! Also sore throat and coughing are really starting to do my head in!!

The unhealthiness is really starting to get me down which is not that great when trying to give up smoking!

I am eating healthy, exercising, taking supplement vitamins and still i feel tired and have these cold symptoms..... I think once these go then things will feel a lot more positive.

Moan over! :)

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it does get better! Once that cr*p has shifted just think how much better you'll feel.

Here's my helpful advice for the day - if you take paracetemol (sp!) for more than a day or so it will give you a headache instead of curing it.


Thanks for that.

Will try and keep off the tablets today.

I am sure once i get rid of this cough and get some energy back then there will be no stopping me :)


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