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My last Day 1?


I'm fed up of having many day 1s :p

I'm determined for this to be the last one. I even threw some cigarettes away - something I haven't done before!

I'm 25, I started smoking daily probably only about 4 years ago? Before that I was very much a social smoker. Up until just over a year ago, I could go the week without having one still, but would often have just one with the girls at work anyway. Since last January, I've been smoking more and more, and now my habit has gotten to about 6-10 a day, and I'm really starting to feel it! It doesn't help that I started working in a pub in November, and yes I know the smoking ban has been in place for some time now, but all the other staff smoke, and alcohol and cigarettes seem to compliment eachother so well.

I'm just fed up of waking up with that cloudy rough feeling, that I know only comes from smoking until late the night before. I want to give up. I worked a couple of shifts at the pub last week without having a cigarette, but then I went out on Saturday night, and again thought "this is the last time!"

I really want it to be the last time now. So this is day 1!

Wish me luck. I'm a constant internet user, so planning no making the most out of this forum.

Also, I've never tried any products to help me stop smoking, such as patches, inhalers etc.... I did buy some gum once, but the taste was awful! I've been told that the patches can make you feel sick, especially if your daily habit is quite small - not 20-40 a day!

All help welcome.

Thanks guys

Netty xx

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Welcome on board Netty x x x x

Patches can be used from a lower level for lighter smokers, it may make some people feel sick but that doesn't mean it will make you feel sick!

Everyone is different hence the different methods. I would suggest having a chat with your GP and get a referal to a smoking cessation nurse, some chemists have this too ask in your local one.

What ever you do choose, remember to fill your time ;) keep busy and reward your hard work. Frequent water drinking will help too!!

Good luck Netty Looking forward to being a part of your journey ;)

Grats on the decision!

~Buffy x x

welcome aboard Netty. its a band of pirate cut throats in here, Only kidding they are a great bunch, drop by anytime you need a bit of support or T.L.C. Good luck xxx

Cheers guys!

I'm going to stick it out this time. My best friend gave up in November, so I know I can call her whenever I feel the urge also!


Hi Netty, welcome and good luck.

The best method of NRT I came across was lozenges as patches irritated my skin real bad and gum gave me wind:mad::mad:

It depends on the individual I suppose.

If you need any support, drop by and post on here. Most folk are more than willing to help and encourage.

Hi Netty and welcome to the board where you won't be bored! *cringe* what made me say that?

anyway, hope we can help you make this your very last Day 1.. it was mine so it can be yours!:D good luck and keep talking;)

Be encouraged and welcome. I'm new here too, very new...and have gained a lot of strength from the people here.

I feel a difference after each post I make...I feel stronger because of my honesty here, and you will too. I feel like I've bared my soul so now these folks can call me on it if I 'f' it up.

I guess I'll have more advice for people once I get a week or two under my belt...right now, I'm just trying to make it hour by hour. It's really not been that bad. Cold turkey ain't that bad. *I keep telling myself* My only problem right now are my thoughts. The old brain keeps trying to plot and plan...So, I try to distract myself.

We're all worth it to quit. I'm worth it to quit. I love breathing freely. I really do. 10 extra years of life, pink healthy lungs ...Just keep telling yourself these positive things between long deep breaths. :)

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