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No Smoking Day
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to all the week three'rs!!!!!

is it as hard as week two? only i'm on day 11 but i got my first bad craving last night + i thought if i was going to get bad craving they would be in the first week! but i didn't really get any until day 10!!! why is that? does anyone know? it shocked me a little cos i was expecting cravings all through week one but never really got any bad ones + them bamm - day 10 i get the worst ever!!!! very bizzare x x

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oh + congrats by the way - your daoing fab x x x


I had a similar experience, week one was fairly easy, thought it was going to be plain sailing after that. Then end of week one and all of week two the symptoms and cravings got worse. Im into week three now (day17) and each day is different, doesn’t seem to be any consistency with symptoms, but they are milder than week 2. It mainly seems to be affecting my sleep and energy levels and I feel really spaced out today, probably with lack of sleep. It seems to affect everyone differently, but I was reassured when I read on here that others were having similar symptoms to me. I didn’t realise nicotine withdrawal would have that effect, but I guess it’s a drug that’s been in our systems for a long time, takes our bodies and minds a time to adjust.

Well done getting to day 11, that’s good going and nearly into week three.


thats true i guess that it needs time to get out of our system. i have been smoking since i was 13!!!!!

its weird that you stop and everyone thinks or tells you that once you get over the first week it should ease - but for me it was the other way round!!!

my brother does my head in! he stopped + said the first three days were the hardest + he was fine after that. now he just has a cig whenvever he feels like it - like on night out n stuff but can then just quit again the next day!!!!!

i have tried to stop 3 times b4 now + every time i started after the 3rd week - at least i know when my weak point is!!! i just totally loose my motivation + it sucks to think i can never have a cig again!!! for the 1st week i'm all like "yeah, i can do this"!!!!!!

day 17. wow!!!! keep it up hun - ur doing fab x x


is it as hard as week two?

Hi Esther,

I believe part of the problem when you get to week 2 and after that week 3 is that the novelty really wears off, not just for you but for people around you too. In the first week it's a case of taking things one day at a time , one hour at a time, sometimes even one minute at a time, everything is new and you enjoy the small victories. Your friends and family are right behind you, encouraging you at every step. But as the quit goes on, people stop seeing every smoke-free day as what it is, a major success, and everyone becomes a bit blase, a bit casual about it.

I think it gets easier physically after the first couple of weeks, but your mind can play awful tricks on you, sometimes even to the extent that you start arguments with your loved ones, just so you can storm out and justify to yourself falling off the smoking wagon.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but with determination and maybe a bit of mule-like stubbornness, you can say no to the weed and do the best thing

for you, escape from the tyranny of nicotine. Abolish slavery!


that's so true trev, thank you! yes you're right about the motivation thing + I think this may be my weak spot as i have tried to stop b4 + lasted approx 3 weeks each time but then started again. Cos of the lack of motivation!

Also, i shouted at my fiance last night when i had a bad craving. the awful thing was, he wasn't even at home! i just phoned him up and started yelling at him that he hadn't put things where they are meant to be!!!!!!!

I nearly had a cig last night cos the craving was so strong - i even had the tobacco in my hand but i didn't have one only because I knew the disapointment would be a much worse feeling than the craving.

You have actually just made me realise something (and i can't believe it's taken me till now!!) - when i have stopped before, + got a really bad craving like last night, i have always gone out + bought a pack; last night i didn't. So maybe, just maybe i am finally able to be free!!!!!

Thanks a lot trev - ur a star * :D x x x x x x x x x


Yea est4elvis, that’s been the same for me, week one was a doddle, after that it seemed to get harder, but I think Im turning the corner now. Saturday night was a really bad one for me, probably made worse by drinking alcohol. If id had some cigs in the house I might have been tempted, as it was I just drank more to compensate, hmmm not good. So now Ive quit the booze too, as this seems to be when im at my weakest. No point giving up one bad habit just to cushion the blow with another. Possibly some of us struggle more with the later psychological addiction than the shorter term physical addiction.

What youre saying is spot on, CK Trev, the bit about finding reasons to fall off the wagon is classic addicts behaviour. Ive just read Russell Brands book and he said after hed split with a girl hed given up herion for, he felt a sense of relief because it meant he could now indulge his addiction again. Great booky wook btw.

Thanks for the welcome Boudee, whereabouts in ‘sunny Devon’ are you? Im also in Devon (Plymouth) but I aint seen much sun lately :rolleyes:


Its hard to say when it gets easier i think we are all different. I am now onto week 4 and starting to feel a little more in control but its such a minf game and sometimes i dont want to play anymore.

Stay here and keep talking it helps. xx


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