No Smoking Day

day 3 hell

I have just finished reading posts for day 3 and am glad Im not alone.I have found today really hard going and am glad it is nearly bed-time.Oh its not!!!:mad:Thought it was later than that.Big thanks to Steveh for his big hugs picture:).It made me smile and thats good going at the minute.I tell you all its this site thats keeping me going tonight on the straight and narrow, you are all such a help and an insperation knowing that others are battling on and even defeating the nicotine monster.Good luck to everyone and PLEASE PLEASE keep replying.Chrissie xxx

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Ah 'THE Day3!!'

That is the beauty of this place isn't it? seeing that it's a phenomenon not your own madness!! helps you push through to tomorrow x x x x

Nothing wrong in an early night!! :D

Just keep busy n occupied and tomorrow is a new day x x x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Chrissie congrats on getting through day 3 in one piece!!! I spent a considerable part of my day 3 back in August crying my eyes out like the world had come to an end :p

You're doing just fine, really really fine, one step at a time and you'll be in week two before you even realize ;)


Hey I am not far off day three, I have not really thought about having one until tonight.

It's like everything else, put it to the back of your mind, do somthing else and you will forget about it (for a while at least).

Keep it up playa, you know you are going to.


Well done Chrissie ...

Day three sees you past the 72 hour milestone, hang on in there untill Tuesday and with day seven behind you it's going to be all down hill forever after :)


Come on chrissie your doing great things will get better. a If you ever want a fag just think of this day again and it will make you change your mind xxxxxx


Woke up this morning and thought wow this isn't too bad but was I wrong as the morning went on thought I was losing my mind glad to hear I'm not alone hope tomorrow is better :mad:


keep going .... it does get better soon :)


Keep strong

Keep going it will get better well thats what i keep telling myself and im on day 11 of no fags


whoops 14 days


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