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Champix... Starting to work!

This might seem really stupid to be so excited about but I over the moon and wanted to share!

Yesterday (Day 5 on Champix) I had a cigarette at 9pm and it tasted so foul that I couldn't be bothered to have another one all night!

That's right... I couldn't be bothered! Thinking of all those times I have walked down to the garage at stupid o clock out of sheer panic that I haven't got any cigs and now I can't be bothered to smoke!:D

AND I haven't felt like on yet this morning! So for the first time in far too long I have had breakfast first thing and got ready and gone out without freezing at the back door!!!

My quit day on Champix is starting to look really do-able YEY! :D

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Great news

That is fantastic news laurajade - well done you :D

Let that good feeling carry you through the rest of the day - stay strong.


Good for you! The first of many great days i'm sure! keep this up!



Its a great feeling :)


Ok so the end of day 6 on Champix and I am ridiculously proud to say that I have smoked 3 cigs today (only managed 3 drags of each!) rather then my usual 20.

I've had some cravings but ive just been keeping myself busy and eating lots of skittles... it really seems so much more manageable with these tablets than cold turkey/ NRT.

As for side effects... felt a bit tired today and slightly snappy but the nausea was only there when I smoked/ thought about actually lighting a cig.

I'm actually really excited about Day 7!!!


Hi Laurajade,

Good to see the Champix is working so fast for you. If you are stopping in the next day or two just keep in mind exactly how disgusting the cigarettes yoru smoking now are - I found that a geat help. Also I really can't stress just how good this forum is for those moments of weakness.

Best of luck


So today was day 8 and i started on the 1mg twice a day...

i felt like i'd taken a tranquiliser! Has anyone else felt really sleepy and spaced out after taking 1mg? Also I've started to cough a lot and have a really sore throat... is this normal?

On the brighter side of things I had only 1 cig today despite a very heated 'debate' with the bf and i am starting to be able to smell things again!

Tonight while I was working in the bar a girl came n after having a cig and the smell was so strong... i really never realised before now.

Thinking Sunday will be my quit date. Despite how well i feel im getting on I'm still really nervous about saying to myself ...this is it... no more... ever again. Is it a question of just accepting that from that moment on you are a non smoker? Anyone got any good tips on how to get over this hurdle?


Good luck;)


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