No Smoking Day

day No. 3 and ill stop Whining

thank god that i finished yesterday without killing anyone :-)

yesterday was really pain , so empty and dizzzyyyy ....

anyway i wont start whinning about not smoking ,,,, still i feel empty and dizzyyyyyy .... and ready to fight with anyone for no reason ,,,,,

but i notice something cool .... i went by my car and i noticed that i did not open the window,,,,,, i used to open it when i want to smoke , i felt so cold ... but now , driving for an hour and did not open any window and it was really warm in the car :-)

any good advice and ONLY good symptoms for day No. 3 ?

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mornin' shb, sounds as if you've got your own pretty good motivational stuff going on! Brilliant.:D Day 3, to be honest is not known as the easiest day for some but who knows, it might be a doddle for you. Let's hope so.

Keep on not committing murder, it's not the best strategy:D

Have good day:)


Keep on not committing murder, it's not the best strategy

Excellent advice there steve! :D

Good luck with day 3 SHB3, hope it's going ok for you.


Keep going

Just remember that you've got a stake in your quit now. You've fought for two days and that is worth protecting. Making it through day 3 is important, but not as important as making it through day 1, which was when you first demonstrated your commitment.

You can do it, and it does get much, much easier as time goes by.

Rob W

Quit 18 October 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

Coming up to month 4 in two days...


It gets easier once you've passed the 72 hour milestone hang on in there.

By Monday you will have passed the 7 day milestone too, you'll find it 's all down hill for ever after then :)


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