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before i go to sleep :-)


ok i can say i finish day No. 2 , and now ill go to sleep and tomorrow will be my 3rd day ...

i felt like there is something empty in me ,,,, my lungs , i don’t know ..... empty ...just empty ... anyway ... the time was running slow , tried to take a nap but for no good .... and i am not in the mood to read anything ... did you notice a concentration problem ? i hope it wont last for good ,,,,i hope i can sleep early ,,,,, anyway guys .... ill see you tomorrow at day 3....still i cant say this day was easy ... but better than my first day

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Hi Homeboy,

What you are describing is fairly typical of the early part of a quit, particularly sleep disturbance. I found I was sleeping too lightly and waking up a lot and then by 4am not being able to get back to sleep at all. If it gets too much try using an over the counter sleep remedy as a temporary measure. Concentration problems are also fairly typical as are feelings of light headedness and a sort of disconnected spaced out feeling. This tends to only last the first 4 or 5 days and is caused by increased oxygen to the brain as carbon monoxide levels in your blood decrease.

My advice to get you through the toughest first couple of weeks is :-

Avoid large meals and fluctuating blood sugar by having small regular snacks and sip fresh fruit juice periodically throughout the day. This is very important because symptoms of low blood sugar will be mistaken for cravings.

Plan ahead to make sure that you're occupied in your free time. Do anything that is absorbing enough to take your mind off smoking. Go for a walk occasionally and use the time to think about how well your doing and reinforce your reasons for quitting.

Exercise is a great way to banish a crave. The more vigorous the better.

Come on this board frequently for support or to vent your spleen if your having a rough day. You'll always get support and empathy and just being here and helping other people strengthens your willpower.

Expect to have to tough out a few rough days in the early weeks but be aware that after a couple of weeks things will get better. Sometimes if you're having a bad time of it in the evening it pays to just give in and go to bed - tomorrow is another day.

In the early days it can seem like a very steep hill to climb, but loads of people do succeed in breaking free. I'm 3 days away from seven months since I threw my last cigarette butt out of the car window and I barely think about smoking at all now. Even when i do think about it, it's without any feelings whatsoever. There's lots of other people on this board who have succeeded in quitting for long periods. Proof that it is achievable.

Good luck and keep going.


thanks :-)

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