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my first day ...fight club

ok ,,,, my first day was ,,,,,hahahh this is painful and funny at the same time ,,,, i had about 6 craving thoughts or maybe more ,,,, it was very painful ... but what i did ,,, is that i went to bed ....i slept early , i felt very tired ,

i did not fight with my mother and with my wife ,,, i cant call this a fight , a fight should be like brad at fight club movie ,,,,,,, it was like argument .....the more i argued with them the more i felt satisfied .....:-), but in a way i wished it was like fight club movie ,,,, i wished i can kicked both of them out of the window " we live in the third floor " but thank god i did not , anyway i felt like i want to explode , in fact i did not give anyone a chance to talk , it was like a one man show .....


the only one who knows about my quitting is my wife , my mother is not supportive at all , so i did not tell her .

anyway first day is done

by the way the date of my quit is 13/1/2008

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Hi shb, well your a/n/a/logies are .. interesting to say the least! Personally, I see The Fight as being intensely personal, not involving anyone else. In fact I'd say the less others get involved with my own personal Fight, the better, I need them on my side not against me! But then , we're all different right?:)

Hope it gets better for you, meanwhile, I'd advise against throwing anyone out of anything!:D


snb ... Well done, through that first day keep it going... it can be really tough going these first few days, but there is plenty of support for you here.

One recommendation, however, might be worth getting one of those large boxing bags you hang from the ceiling to get all that aggression out, rather than mom and the mrs or you may just find them tag teaming up and bailing you outta the window ;)


Oh John what a great idea ! LOL LOL you are sooooo funny !!!!!:D


Hi sweethomeboy,

Well done on getting through day 1,onwards and upwards from now on!!

Keep on keepin on:) Lisa xx


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