No Smoking Day

Day 2 -at Last

Hi All

After many attempts since my last serious quit(june -11 weeks) I have gone past day 1.:)

I found yesterday quite good.Only a few craves and nothing as bad as the ones I used to get.Nearly had one last night :(but the thought soon went.I just went to bed instead of smoking.

Today has not started too bad. Got the usual oh I will get up now and have a coffee and cig but have opted for just the coffee.

Barb x

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Well done Barb, you're doing really well. I'm sitting here having a coffee with you and remembering how nasty that first morning fag really was! Keep strong.:D


MOrning Barbs

So glad to see you made it past day one it helps when you get the first day under your belt. Hope today is just plain sailing Linda xxxxxx


barb! so good to see you back here x x x x

glad you got the quit off the ground stay strong x x


Steve-Thanks. Same time tomorrow for coffee then.White with 1 sugar.:D

Linda-Thanks. Ok so far today, just a few craves.

Buffy- How are you. Lovely to hear from you. You don`t seem to be on here as much as before.I NEED YOU ALL,ALL THE TIME. Not to much to ask:D:D.

Robert-Thanks. Thats exactly how it is. You just forget you don`t smoke and naturally for me I wake and think cigs.:(

Barb x


:)Hi barb,

Youre doing well cos you keep trying!!

We're on Day 6 today and its not easy is it but hopefully will get better.

Keep on keepin on barb:D

Lisa & Claire xxx


Thanks Lisa and Claire.

Well done on day 6.

Last time I found the first 3 weeks horrendous, couldn`t stop thinking about them. This time its not as bad , YET.:D

Barb x


lol barb :D x x x x

you know me, I'd be as happy as a pig in s*** to be here n facebook all day! hehe

My laptop is not working. Hope to order a PC end of next week. x x am using the kids PSP for now not fun!


I`ll see you on facebook if your not on here.

Hope you get pc SOON.:)

How you doing in your quit?.

Barb x


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