No Smoking Day

Finally getting some support

The last 24 hours have been really hard for me. My husband has man flu and is dieing as i type:o

The puppy is doing what puppies do and doing it everywhere:eek:

Just one of the days when you think the whole world hates you. So i marched into the kitchen opened husbands brief case and took out his cigerettes. I was already to have one and he came out and gave me a hug telling me that i really dont want to do that and i would regret it if i did.

Finally a bit of support. That was all i needed someone else to tell me not to do it.

I told him just how wonderful you lot were and how you have been helping me the last few days:D But i really needed him to be here for me.

Just wanted you too know. So still not cracked yet.

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Big well done Flippy, that's what it all about!!! We have all been there...and it takes major major strength to do what you did today!!!

As much as it may not of seemed much to have just had that one, you would have been right back at the beginning again. Big WooooHoooo :D keep going.


Man flu might be also a good opportunity for hubby to give it a go if he is ready and wants to.... I always found illness a better incentive to quit being a bloke. If you feel grotty enough it can even get you passed those first 3 days!!!!


Thanks John x

Yep he is now on day 2 so we will see how he goes. He did say that if he didnt smoke his chest wouldnt hurt as much as it does.


Well the cracked ribs from my tumble started the quit for me and your hubby would be amazed how much his chest will feel better if he sticks with it....

I had many non serious quits in the past, at one point I ended up not smoking at work and only smoking a few in the evening when I got back from the office... I was kidding myself I was getting away from it, because the first night out on the town and I had got though a whole pack of 20. Us blokes can be totally stubborn when it comes to it and in a lot of ways we need to know it was completely our decision to give the smoking up, not our partner’s lol.

Have a great weekend and stay with it –x-


yayyyyyyyy go flippy - husbands cigars were lookin very tempting today. Told him today that a bit of support wouldnt go amiss - said didnt like to bring it up in case it started me off :confused: like im not thinkin about it all the time anyway:rolleyes:

Well done u x


WELL DONE YOU :D You did really, really well to resist temptation. To come that close, whew what a close shave :eek: It's nice that your b/h is giving you a bit of support.:) Tomorrow Flippy, l think that you will have to do a head count, we seem to have lost a few today. You nearly lost ME last night as well ,TEE HEE, l found it really hard going.

Josie xxx


well done flippys hubby :D



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