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day 2

Well here I am at day 2! Was ok yesterday until the evening, when it was pointed out to me I was in a rather grumpy mood. Had a most peculiar night, strange dreams and kept wakening up, just like Andy described. Must be withdrawal symptoms, hopefully they won't last too long. Well onwards and upwards. Must keep positive and don't let the little nagging demons get to me!

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hi anna congrats on getting through day 1 how you doing today, no real cravings for me yet but thats prob the nrt kicking in, am feeling very lightheaded though.


Hey nice work on getting to the second day! we'll get through this!

i can relate to what your saying Andy im feeling really light headed and my chest feels both tight and empty at the same time :confused:

but i know it isnt NRT for me as im cold turkey, the last time i used patches they really knocked me about


Yes, I am also feeling a wee bit strange today. Very light headed, it's like that sick sort of feeling you get when you are really, really hungry. I know that I'm also feeling quite stressed as I tend to clench my jaw really tightly, which in turn sets off quite bad headaches. But, in a perverse sort of way it's sort of helping at the mo, because the thought of a ciggie is making me feel kind of ill! But I am very determined to stay off them this time.

I went off them about 12 years ago for 5 whole years, then went on hols and had a couple of sneakies, and that's when I got hooked again.

Tried the patches last year but took an allergic reaction to the sticking agent in them. Just going down the cold turkey route - this is what worked the last time.

Keep it up everyone!


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