No Smoking Day

Newbie here on Day 5


I've just stumbled across your forum and it looks a great place to be a get some much needed support.

As the title says I am on Day 5 today, had my last cigarette at midnight on New Years Eve.

I found Day 1 and 2 to be not too bad (I am using Nicorette Inhalators) however Day 3 was bad, Day 4 was worse and I feel, so far, today isn't going to be any better.

My husband is also quitting with me and he summed it up well this morning by say 'I'm now really fed up with feeling so fed up', (that actually wasn't quite the words he used -- but you can imagine).

I have this little niggling voice in the back of my head saying 'This could all be over, this feeling could all be gone -- just smoke a cigarette and be happy again'. I'm not going to do it but OMG I'm so tempted.

I guess this feeling will peak and then start to come down the other side and I will start feeling better but when ??? If I make it passed the first week ---- correction - when I make it passed the first week will I feel better ?

Please someone that's been there tell me I will

Desperate and fed up .. Angela

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Hello and welcome yes it does get better after the first week so you hang in there :)


Welcome on board Angela x x x x

I am on day 5 too several of us are.

I feel better today than yesterday, you will soon feel better x x

Once you get this week done x x

The feeling will go x x unlike that niggling feeling to quit if you do smoke ;)

Hang tight stay strong

~Buffy x x


That is so true, I'd not thought of it that way but for years now nearly every time I lit a cigarette I'd have that same nagging voice in my head that I shouldn't be doing it.

I know now I could never go back to being a 'happy smoker' so there's only one way forward and that's too quit for good.

Just very much looking forward to getting the first week over and hopefully feeling better.

Angela x

Day 5

Quit on 1st January 2008

Smoked 20+ a day for 29 years

Method Nicorette Inhalators

Cigarettes not smoked 125


Welcome, Angela. Well done for having got to day 5!

I too am on day 5, cold turkey, and I too am finding yesterday and today pretty excruciating. But they do say it gets better after week 1 or so, that's not long to go at all. If only to discover what it feels like in week 2, I'm determined not to let the fed-upness feeling win me over.

It does all get a bit aargh... but we can do it. My BF has just gone out to have a smoke. He kindly hasn't mentioned that that's what he's doing but that is what he's doing, I know. So he's cracked and I'm still going, and determined to stick at it.

Try to stick at it together, though! It's muuch easier to have someone else by your side going through exactly the same, I think.

Good luck, try to stop thinking about it and enjoy your Saturday (long film at cinema? knitting? cleaning? ANYTHING!).




Hi Angela and welcome to the forum. I too am on day 5 and i am having the exact same thought as you are. I can go and have a smoke if I want too, I am an Adult but I made the decision that I wanted to giev up and i WILL NOT let that voice rule me.

Its bloody hard though and i am going stir crazy at times. You are not alone when you log onto this forum so please come chat to us and we can all help each other.

My husband was quitting too but he became weak last night and started smoking. Such a shame but he obviously wasnt ready.

Take care xx


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