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Over the Worst

Hi All,

Wanted to give you all a quick heads up for providing some inspirational reading over the last few days, this place really is a massive morale boosting tool which really can't come highly recommended enough as far as 'm concerned! I am on day 3 btw, but I have been here many times before, and for me the problems come later, at about the month stage!

About me, well I kid you not, this is about my 20th attempt at giving up smoking, I am 30 yrs old, single and have been smoking about 15 a day since I was 13 yrs old. My reasons for giving up are plentiful, what really freaks me out above and beyond anything else though, is the prospect of a time in the future sitting there with a Doctor who tells you that you are terminally ill with Cancer!! Can you imagine (as horrific as it is) the utter horror that would bring to you and your family knowing that you spent all that time smoking, and for what?? What does it really do for us? Nothing at all. Yes I am another who has read Allen Carr, over and over!

It honestly feels over the last few years that everything I do and think about centres around me being a non-smoker. I have become so obsessed with the fact that I smoke it has become laughable, I mean why do I inhale on these filthy things, why do I look down at a fag and hate it and myself then carry on smoking it!! Outrageous, it has gone on long enough! My will will not waver this time, I am do determined to chnage this one hugely irritating part of my life once and for all!

My reasons :

- Health - absolutely the number 1 priority. I believe I have suffered panic atacks/angina in the recent past, having woken up in the middle of the night convincd I was having a heart attack, almost bursting into tears becuase I was so fearful of dying from smoking (lovely HABIT!!)

- Self Respect and Confidence - When I do not smoke I swear I walk along the street with my head helf higher, I walk more purposefully and with gusto. I enjoying taking deep breaths on a clear morning, which really help to emphasise how healthy a person can actually feel!

Freedom - I love knowing that I am not addicted to something anymore, I think it really helps to try and get fitter too, by joining the gym and/or doing some cardio work that gets the heart pumping, this is added incentive as you get to see a tangible increase in energy levels which further spurs you on!

God, sorry I have rambled long enough now. I guess with having been reading thisd board over the passed few days, just felt I should pop up and say hi, and to re-inforce the the message from everyone that we can all stop if we truly want to! The feeling of freedom is staggering, it really is, My problems come at about the month mark where complacency sets in, but I am aware now so much of the pitfalls at that time I will be more pr-active in trying to counter thhose! Oh, I am going cold turkey again, as I have done all the other times, it seems to work ok for me!!

I look forward to chatting with you all more as we all progress together!


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Welcome Kingbee

congrats on your quit there is about 8 of us on day three today So if we all help each other. We will have great support.Lindaxxxxx


Welcome on board KingBee x x x x

You're post reads so true x x x x

My thing is, now, If I am going to continualy obsess and think about smoking/quitting continualy when I smoke, why not quit and think continualy about it?!

Don't know if that makes much sense but I know what I mean :o:D

Hang tigh n stay strong ;)

~Buffy x x


Buff I know what you mean. Funny was saying that to my partner yesterday and maybe one day will forget if we never smoke again. But if we carry on will all ways be wanting to quit or smoke. Sorry rambling today. Linda x


A bit of a funny day day3 eh?

Glad someone understands what I mean :D hehe you said it betterer than me ;) lol


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