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No Smoking Day
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The Worst

Hooray i made it through another day. But this has certainly been the worst for me. I have been in such a mood today, luckily i have an understanding boss that knows what its like to quit or i could have found myself signing on the dole.I"ve never wanted a smoke as bad as i did today it was unbearable,which is pretty sad when you want something thats so bad for your health your almost tearing your hair out.Here i am tho on day 4 with 10 ciggies still unopened in my bag and i still refuse to open them,even got bouqeut of flowers from hubby for doing so well.

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Well done Sue, you didnt give in to the dreaded nic,

your a stronger person than i am, :D

i gave in and am starting a new quit on the first of july.:(


Thanks Angel Lady but im finding it so hard at moment, dont think these damn patches actually do anything and i suck so hard on that puffer thing i make myself dizzy,but another day over tomorrow might be a bit easier, i got a busy day at work to help take mind of it.


Good luck, i was on puffer it did work, but my hubby started to smoke again i just couldnt stand it then nic got the better for me.

you just keep at it luv you'll pull through. :D


Hey Sue,

Just a suggestion, but if you don't feel the patch or puffer is doing much for you then maybe try getting by without them? That way, you can kick the nicotine addiction bit to the kerb also and get over the whole process quicker?

However, if they ARE helping you then carry on with them as I wouldn't want you to relapse due to quitting the patches! Just do what feels right for you.

You obviously want to stop smoking else you would never have stopped and would not have come to this site...just remember that. Sometimes, we lose sight of our reasons for quitting and it really does help to keep those reasons strong in our minds throughout the early stages.


good advice

Hi Sue

Maddy is right she gives good advice, I have her and others to thank bless her little cotton socks . Ive come along way with these nice folk.:)



I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling, all I can sy is that most of us have been thate so we do know those feelings, it's ok being told, hang on in there, it'll pass, you'll get over it, it gets easier, but the words do not stop the cravings.

How I coped was by saying to myself, If I really really want one then i'll have one tomoorow, by tomorrow hopefully the craves will have passed.



a couple more things

have you tried the lozenges? I did prefer those and used to sleep with one of those in the corner of my mouth, didn't like the mint one's much - prefered the original, and also they gave me hiccups.

a read alans carrs book - I read it after my quit and it sort or re-inforced my determination


It will be hard but the main thing is you never had one you should be proud of yourself for that


hey sue

massive congrats - if i had 10 in my bag they def would not still be there - even now!! you must have a hughe amount of will power, i agree with maddy on the patches, but you may take them off and realise you were actually getting something from them!!

Have a good w/e thinks will improve - honest



Hi Sue,

Congrats for sticking with your quit. Take each day at a time which I'm sure you are; sipping water throughout this period can help.

Carrying a pack of cigs around with you must take a huge amount of willpower as already been said. One of my quits, many years ago, I got chatting to somebody about quitting. He'd stopped smoking many years previously but had bought a pack of 20 and carried them around with him. Brought them out of his pocket just to prove it and the pack looked as tho' it should've been in a museum.

*Oops, still competing with Maddy for Random Comment of the Week medal.*

Anyway Sue, day 5 today and soon it'll be 1 week. Congrats to your hubby too for supporting your quit too. :cool:


Hope your feeling much better today Sue your over the worse now the first few days Mr nic is leaving the body but after 72 hours he all but gone. things will start to get easyer now Well done girl your doing great. Linda xxxxxxx


very true

It' ons amazing how you feel after 72 hours, I swore if I had felt the same after 72 hours as I did at the very start of my quit I would buy some cigs, I woke up on day four and just knew I had come threw it, I still drank loads of water, water, water to the point I felt I was drownding LOL. My skin was lovely people were passing comments after a week on how perky and refreshed I looked, that made me feel good. I don't like water so it was a struggle to drink it, I hardly have any now ,I know I should as it's good for you. Keep up the good work remember where we are.

JIll x


Hi Luvie. how have you gone on ? hope your still with it .

like they all say drinking water does help. stick with it youll be doing great in no time.:)


Stay Strong

Stay strong and don't give in. Remember that you don't have to deal with more than one craving at a time. You can do this if you keep your mind to it above all else.

Rob W

Quit: 17 October 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

Lapses: None

Quitting smoking was a difficult, most difficult journey for me, but now I've made it to the other side and it is better than I thought it would be.


No Patch

Hello all you good people and thanks for all comments and support. Im on day 5 and to be honest cant believe it,im so proud of myself although i was close to having 1 yesterday.I even went to work this morning and didnt have a patch on and agreed to overtime.Im even looking forward to going to the chemist on monday just to blow into that puffer thing that reads your carbon monoxide.I know its only early days and im sure i"ll have some more bad days but for now im just thankful that i managed another day without nic.:p


Well Sue day 6 your doing great, dont forget to treat yourself to something nice, reward yourself for being smokefree. :D


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