No Smoking Day
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I've done it!!!!!!!

Been one month and a day for me!!!

I'm so utterly happy and i can honestly say i'm NEVER going to light up another cigarette or take a puff from any ones else AGAIN!!

I must sound like a bloody hypacondriact (SP?) but i'm not, I'm never ill and if i am i get on with it like a real woman.

I can't remember in the last month when i felt healthy, how mad is that. I got Chest, Kidney infection. It never cleared properly. Now had a severe cold since thursday, it's even managed to get worse and now i have a throat infection. If i had a cold before i was rid by the next day!!!

Worth it in the long run and the 'well dones' i'm getting from everyone are great. Even if i was still a smoker the way i am there's no way i could light up. Never mind, Xmas on night on Lemonades!!!

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Well done to you - not far beyond you. A month for me tomorrow. Touch would I haven't been ill - but I did have a smokers cough that has completely dissappeared since quitting. Well done on your 1 month and I'll see you in month 2. :)


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