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Trying Once Again

I have not been successful in quitting thus far but I have to keep trying. My chest is heavy and I feel terrible. I have patches and a prescription for Champix but am skeptical about both...I really just want to go cold, my dear friends, today is day one again...I will post again later when I come home from work since this is the toughest time for me...

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Smokesignal welcome back. As you know I too have been here more than once but this time I've been on champix. it really does work. I was also rather sceptical about it having tried every method going in the past, but I had no need to worry . I am now 10weeks quit! Trust it sweetie! Its ace.


Welcome back and good luck this time Smokesignal with what ever method you choose to use.

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Day One Down

Okay - that was fairly easy..let see what tommorrow brings after a day of work...


Welcome back smokesignal we are all here for you, hope today is going well. its always hardest at the start, but you can do it, good luck xxx


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