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5 months

Hi guys, hope your all ok. Haven't said anything on here for ages. But still reading all your up and down's going the process of quitting.

Well I'm farther then, I ever thought I would be.. Just going into month 6. Its been hard and long, but its got a lot easier over the last month. The only reason I know I've done another month now, is cause my phone plays congratulations at 11am on the 7 of every month. Sounded a good idea, when I was drunk. I also hate the smell of smoke now, if I'm walking past a smoker and smell it I feel sick. I think feeling like that was the turning point for me. I've put half a stone in weight on, which to me is fab, not cause I didn't want to. But cause I've got a genetic illness, which means I have trouble putting weight on. So I'm loving showing ppl, how snug my clothes fit lol. ( i know the last bit sounds strange to most ppl)

My advice to anyone, that wants it. you can't run before you walk. If you don't feel comfortable in a situation, that you used to do regular. Don't do it, till you feel ok and don't let peer pressure get to you. Cause there are ppl, out there that want to see you fail. I hope I'm going to prove those ppl wrong.

Good luck everyone, your doing wonderful.

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Well done, 5 months just sounds so good doesnt it!

I also set reminders on my fone when milestones come around!

I think its a great motivation and reminder of how well your doing!! lol



Congrats!! you are doing super. I can't wait until I am that far in :D

Aww Boudee he is soooo sweet! I want him. :)


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