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On to month 5


Okay so month 4 is done and dusted today!!! And the best news is, that I'm feeling a little better about myself. The last month has been quite crap really. Feeling down, depressed etc but today I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. I don't think it's a coincidence that it's due to it getter lighter in the mornings, so I think I do have the SAD's. Just have to arm myself better for it next autumn. Plus this year hasn't been the greatest of years so I may have just had it a bit worse than usual.

Looking back I think you can tell in my posts I've been feeling down...but I'm getting my sense of humour back which is always a sign that I'm doing ok (oh no, some would say....but soz that comes with Lisa42 whether you like it or not).

Anyways, just a note to others that are struggling...I'm not out of the woods yet but perservere with your quit when you think everythings going shit and you feel awful about it.....a glimmer of hope does come along and shows you that all that you've been through has been worthwhile. I must say I'm particularly buoyed up knowing I've quit for 4 months as this is the longest I've ever quit for...I know I can make it now.

Keep on trucking people.

lisa x

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4 months is a great achievement especially as things have been pretty tough for you! Well done! You do sound quite a bit happier today... :)

Spring is just round the corner - some confused daffidillyducks are raising their heads and the best thing of all - you're still quit! It's all GOOD!:D

:Dthat is so brill lisa :D

yeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh:D


Well done on your 4 month quit, take it one day at a time.

There are lamps you can buy to combat SAD, something to think about for next Autumn/Winter.


what carol said!!!

Well done!!!

well done Lisa i knew you could do it, lets stroll into month 5 together and smash it :).

never quit quitting

jenni x

FANTASTIC, Lisa! I'm not far behind - we just need to keep on going now!

Congratulatations - hope you'll be celebrating big time!



Im so glad you stuck with it Lisa and got through those damm awful days. By staying with your quit youve helped me stay with mine

cheers. Mash x.

you go girlie.....

Fantabularse............that's bloody brill.....:D


rolling onto the Pent'up'house lol


Well done Lisa, yow'm a good'un! ;)

Doing good bud :)

well done lisa brill news i was worried about u a few weeks back but glad the sun is showing its face now and nights are getting lighter and lisa42 is on the up and up god damn winter


Cheers everyone....feels good to enter the untravelled territory of month 5 LOL! I was getting worried about me too boo. But slowly getting there. Just wanna thank you all for being there as only my fellow quitters know what it's like. And mash, you've been through it too this year and kept me going too.

Here's to a better month....and the weather getting warmer...c'mon picnic weather!

Lisa x

get ur razzle dazzle on girlie........the only way is up :rolleyes:


Well done Lisa..think you r right about SAD I feel I havw also turned a corner:))

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