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5 Months!!

5 months today, after month 3 things got much better. I am so glad I'm a non smoker and am glad I went through those bad times (especially week 3) and Im glad they were bad because there is no way Im going through them again. I am a non smoker for life now!! I was confident in my quit, I put nearly a stone on but its coming off now. I still cant get in my dress that I was bought for 100 days but hopefully I will soon.

thanks everyone for your support and keep up the great work!! :D

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Well done you, 5 months is FAB!


Well done, and congratulations to you :)

A very inspirational post here and it helps everyone to see that anything is possible.

Now its just a matter of never ever, no matter what.. never touching a single smoke ever again. It will never be ok to have 1, you know this now. Complacency however is the only danger here now. Just never touch another 1.. not even at christmas or new year.. you keep them things out of your life, and if you ever think 1 won't harm. just think back to the first one you ever smoked in life and where that 1 led.

Just not worth it, and you know this now.

I have had 2 previous quits where i quit for 6 and 8 months, and this mug stupidly thought a cigar at christmas would be ok. How wrong i was :/ the one led to 10 (cigars) and the 10 led to 20 more.. and then it all started again, i was gutted after 8 months off them.. 1.. just 1.


Hi Sam :D

Fantastic 5 months quit Big Hug for you



Marg xxxxxxxxxx






Excellent job, Sam!! 5 months is great..... can't believe how time is flying by again (unlike the first couple of months of the quit :D) Keep it up!!


Congratulations thats great:D....can't wait to be where you are;)...Cheers Kez.


Hi Sam

Well done mate 5 months is fab work.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


awww thanks guys, really wouldnt be here without your support!! xxxxxxx


Well done moog... Sam?

5 clear months ... Great isnt it... ! see you in another 50 odd days..



Well done you! Its so brilliant and I can't believe its 5 months!! xx


Hi Moog,

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on 5 months completed, a really significant achievement.



Congratulations on 5 months!!!! Keep going strong!


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