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No Smoking Day
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my second day

Is going pretty well. Every so often I want one. Not necessarily a craving I just have the urge. However, I have an enormous headache which doesn't seem to be going away and every little thing anyone does is really annoying to me.

I guess its not going so well at all. :( Does anyone have any advice as far as not letting things annoy you as much. I just feel like if someone makes a noise I don't like I'm going to explode.

How many days does this irritable feeling usually last? I am really feeling like I want to explode on someone. Wow. Its scarey how much I need/needed cigs. :eek:

On a lighter note....My sister had a baby this morning so I am an Aunty again!!!

7lbs 9oz.

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i just joined this site and stumbled to yours. I'm gonna quit just like you due to some tragedy...

on a lighter note- i noticed that your an aunty now CONGRATULATIONS. my sister also gave birth 2 days ago with twins. Yay! i'm an aunty too!

I quit before and i remember the first couple of days were the toughest but hang in there.... if you get the urge try to do other things exercise/ clean the house/ shop....

i decided cold turkey that i am done today.. we'll see how i do tomorrow.


Thanks for the encouragement!!!

Its good that you're quitting as well :D I will try and help you the best I can :cool:

To be honest I'm of little use to anyone at the moment. I'm at work so thats keeping me busy for the time being, but I am looking forward to getting off and getting my mind of wanting a smoke break.


i would suggest a couple asprin and lots of sugar. most of the side effects that people associate with withdrawl is nothing more than low blood sugar. cigarettes caused your body to release sugar and now it has to learn to do it on its own. itll take a couple days. but youll be fine. hang in there and gratz on giving some tobacco ceo somewhere a wedgie.



Take a nice relaxing bath tonight and have an early night. If your headache is that bad, have a tylenol and maybe you should stay off the computer as it will only make the pain worse. Hang in there! Drink lots of water to flush your system and keep in mind that you are feeling annoyed only because your body is looking for nicotine.

Go into your bedroom, grab a pillow, put your face into the pillow and scream as loud as you can :D That might make you feel better. Or you can go to the gym and take your stress out on a few weight lifting machines. Going for a brisk walk or a little jog may help you too. Fresh air may clear your mind and help with stress.

Hang in there though, you are doing great.


It is a great idea to use your lungs and get them used to working properly again.

The first two weeks of my quit i cycled ALOT and my lungs gradually started working better. Getting your lungs working helps clear mucus/debris from your repairing body too. Fitness wise you'll notice a very quick difference.

I was really on a knife edge for first two weeks, very emotional alot of the time. This is a very short term problem that will evolve and disappear as you learn to deal without nicotene. Hang in there. :)


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