No Smoking Day

my success story (day 22)

Hello there,

I just find out about this site and have been reading the posts for the last couple of hours, I thought I would share my success story here.

While I was visiting my doctor 4 weeks ago, she asked me if I was still smoking a package of cigarettes a day, then she suggested I should try Champix.

I got my prescription filled a few days later and started taking the pills right away. My first day was a Friday and I already purchased a pack earlier that day.

I finished the pack on that weekend and have not had any since then.

This medication is amazing. It's absolutely a miracle.

I have not had any cravings what so ever. I have been hanging around my smoker friends, coworkers, neighbors etc. etc. and still does not bother me.

Yes, I do think about it especially after the meals but that feeling goes away in a minute.

side affects:

oh yeah, I was feeling nauseated every morning during the first week. It's completely gone by now.

itchy skin in the first week. again, it's gone after the first couple of days.

Sleep deprivation: Oh yeah, tell me about it. I am still having difficulty fallen sleep or waking up in the middle of the night. (I think it's getting better slowly though)

Dreams: Almost every night having some unpleasant dreams that bothers me a lot.

That's about it. I can live with that.

Here is some facts before closing the post

I am a 43 years old male from Canada, I have been smoking cigarettes since I was 29 (A pack a day)

A few years ago I tried cold turkey once, managed not to smoke for 3 months back then.

Never tried patches or gums before.

Good luck everyone



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warm welcome Harry this is a great forum for support. drop in any time they are a great gang from all over the world, all ages sexes and creeds. one common goal. good luck. xxx


Its the first time I've ever heard of Champix how does it work?


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