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Cigarette ANYONE?!!


GRRRRRRRRRR - Okay so about 2 MONTHS ago we had a leak in our kitchen ceiling and our family room ceiling too a little bit. Sooooo the insurance company took until two days ago to come and fix the hole. Great and fine all was dandy that this was fixed. BUUUUUTTTTTT... the man that came to fix it decided that he was going to mix the stucko in our livingroom/diningroom area. His damn mixing drill broke and splashed ALL OVER our livingroom/diningroom. Of course we had all of our belongings in that room because our family room needed to be emptied. My hubbys audio/video equipment for his television (his baby) was destroyed. My brand new winter jacket, my sofa, loveseat, arm chair, carpet, walls, coffee table, pictures, EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN STUCKO!!!!!!!!!!! They came yesterday with a clean up crew to help us as it was their guys fault and in many areas the stucko did not come out. ARGGGGGG they have damaged about $20,000 (9,843.0991 pounds) worth of items!!!!! I will see what happens later today when the guy comes to have a look at what didn't come clean! p.s. - all of hubbys electronic stuff has been sent out for cleaning and tested to be sure it still works, but the problem is he just bought a brand new blue-ray dvd player worth $850.00 CDN and the warranty is now void! UGH!!!

Not a happy camper today. Saw hubbys ciggies on the table and almost reached, but I didn't! Just a terrible day! Ciggie wont help, i know that, but still tempting. I will check back later...hopefully in a better mood.

Sorry to rant - just had to let it out!

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Rant away! So sorry all went wrong, hope it gets sorted soon.

Big pat on the back for you, for not having a ciggy, you did really well!!

Why do things happen that make you want to reach for a smoke? Damn annoying that is! :D

Deep breath and think how awful you'd feel if you took a puff.

Either that or go catch a Leafs game!

Thanks for replying to my madeness :eek:!!! Ohh yes a leafs game may do me some good except they have been playing horrible lately haha!!

I am feeling a bit better now that I have been informed they will be coming to paint probably on Monday. As for the furniture, they will try something stronger and the electronics have been sent out to a repair company. Hopefully all gets sorted soon cause this is driving me crazy. I hate having a tore up house! Everything is out of it's place and that scatters my brain. I like order in my life ;) Still no ciggies for me - temptation is easing now too! :D

Thanks My Bou! I am feeling better about that today but I have been hit with another issue! Uhhhh can't life just be nice to me right now.

Warning - Long story you may not want to read!!!

I had to call the humane society on my neighbour yesterday as she leaves her poor cat outside in the freezing cold below 0 degrees and in the snow and in the rain all day and all night. She doesn't feed the animal properly as he is soooooo skinny. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an animal lover. If I see animal cruelty I am going to report you. So, this poor baby is at my door every night now that it is snowing and freezing outside and he wants to be warm. I allow him into my home where he snuggles on the couch and eats all of my dog's food. Now anyone that knows cats knows that they do NOT eat dog food unless they are starving. So anyway, lastnight the cat came in and ate a bowl of dog food and drank a bowl of water. My hubby is very, very allergic to cats so I am unable to keep him. I sent the cat into it's owners garage where he stayed for the night. The humane society showed up today to her home. They spoke to her and as soon as they left she was at my other neighbours house telling that neighbour someone has reported her and whoever it was is in huge trouble because the humane society told her that the cat is healthy. If this is at all true the humane society needs to be shut down because this is soooo untrue. The cat has NEVER seen a vet. All of the neighbours know that this cat is neglected and all of us feel bad for this poor animal. 10 minutes after the humane society left her house, she put the cat outside (-10 degree celcius weather) and went out for the day and night (all night, until tomorrow). Now this poor animal is back at my door crying to get in where it is warm and where there is food. I do let him in, but I am worried that he may have fleas or a disease or something and I don't want to put my dog at risk. Also, I don't have a litter box and my dog hates it when the cat is in here. What should I do as my stupid neighbour is being so smug about this whole situation to the other neighbours (she pretty much knows it was me who did the reporting). UGGGGHHHHH - why have an animal when you only abuse it?! This cat will NOT survive another winter outside.

Now this woman believes she is doing nothing wrong because the damn humane society did NOTHING!!!!!!!! What the hell do I do???? I don't sleep at night wondering if the poor cat will survive another freezing night.

Damn NSFM you do have a lot of things going on at the moment, how did you ever find time to actually smoke lol :D

Maybe the cosmos is keeping your mind focused on other things so you dont think about smoking!

Leafs suck huh? How about the Raps, they're doing okay.

*go Celts* :)

Hi guys,

Supervillian I have had no time for anything! I am running in circles. The only thing on my mind right now is SMOKING!! I haven't caved though. Hanging by a thread.

Boudee my neighbour is staying quiet as the one who is doing the abusing is moving shortly so it's easier to just stay out of this because the cat owner will be gone soon enough. The neighbours are on my side, but they don't tell her that. As for me, I couldn't wait until she leaves because I am sure she will leave this poor cat behind. Sigh - he is still outside and I am still having a really sh!tty day. I have been yelling at hubby today and he has done nothing wrong. He is now ignorning me as I do deserve it. We were driving home from dropping step son off tonight and he cranked the stereo so he couldn't hear me ranting and raving about everything and everyone and yelling at him for everything!!!! I know I am being a b!tch but I can't help myself as I am going nutty inside. I am feeling terrible lately! Hope something changes with this mood soon, i can't take much more.

Hey NS4M, so sorry to hear of all your bad luck and stress inducing stuff.. plaster on the blaster, and a cat on the mat..

But, the Great News is that you're not going to give in to all of that, you're going to Stay Strong because You Can.

don't think I'll make poet laureate will I...!:D


:) Deep Breath innnnnn and outtttttttt!

Hi Friends! You all mean the world to me :D I am feeling a ton better today. Thank you for helping me through my rough patch. This forum is the best ever. I feel confident that I can come on here and rant and rave about anything and you guys are ALWAYS here to help even if it's not all smoke related. True far away never seen friends xxxXxxx

The cat issue is still the same, but I have come to realize that I have done the right thing and now it is out of my hands.

Hubby knew I was in a yucky mood and gave me a huge hug and just took my crap like a champ :) Bless his heart! Today before he left for work he wished me a lovely day. So far I am doing well.

My Bou!!!!! What a wonderful idea. I have not had so much as a puff through all of this so the promises are written in gold.

I promise I will not smoke if you don't! ;)

Aw NS4M so sorry you had such a terrible time :eek: I wish I was here to offer some support too, at least a shoulder to cry on :o

But hey hun, well done for resisting the urge and not smoking :eek: You are strong pal, I'm sure even more now than before the terrible days you've been though!!

P.S. If only in some alternate universe the cat could be the one to stay warm and happy inside and leave that bitch to freeze her ass outside :mad:...

P.S. If only in some alternate universe the cat could be the one to stay warm and happy inside and leave that bitch to freeze her ass outside :mad:...

Francesca - I love this! I hope that universe really exists because she deserves to freeze to death and starve to death too! Grrr, she makes me sooo angry. :mad:

I am doing well and my promise to Boudee will stick :D

How are you doing Frances?

How are you doing Frances?

I'm good sweetie thanks. Actually tonight I've had my very first smoke-related dream since I quit - in the dream I was smoking not just one, but several ciggies like nobody's business :eek: I woke up and instantly freaked out sweating and having a hard time breathing and generally having an anxiety attack, I guess, it was something I never experienced before and hope to never experience again!!! :eek: It took me a minute to fully realize it had been just a friggin dream, and I felt SO incredibly relieved :D

Glad you are doing well :D

Ohhh i had nightmares like that too :mad: They are terrible and it takes a few moments to realize FEWF it was just a dream. I guess that's our "good angel" letting us know how we will feel if we do give in to the "nic devil"!! Might be a good thing that these dreams take place.

Take care! Have a great smoke free weekend :D

Damn thats happened to me too once or twice over the last few months, having a smoking dream. Worst thing is I tend to dream only in the early morning, so I will wake up just after the dream and feel absolutely GUTTED until I realise it was only a dream (nightmare!)

lol, but at least you can laugh afterwards..