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My Friends

Well here I am again, its been nearly 2 months since I said I would start no smoking again, a long time I know, but have not had willpower or strength of mind to go for it again, until now as both hubby and I have had nasty colds, chests, no voice (hubby loved that) and now I have vertigo, not bad but bad enough, so here goes. Will only be on line occasionally as unable to use puter at work for a while so will keep you updated as and when I can. I see we have new faces, welcome (I am an old one here, even if it is taking me a few times to do it).

Boudee, Buffy, Poppyfairy all its good to be back, lets hope this work this time, although I saw a programme the other week and it said it sometimes takes people 8 attempts, I certainly do not want to try that many times, this is the fourth and thats enough knowing I have to go through the usual I want, I want etc. But anyway be talking soon, am needing all the luck I can get.


Hugs Pupalup xxxxxx

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Hi pupalup

We haven't spoken b4 but I wanted to wish you all the best and dont ever stop trying. I was what you might call a 'serial quitter' but thanks to the lovely folk on here I never gave up "giving up". This quit I know will be my last. I'm now on day 27 now - further than EVER b4! Good luck pup


Hi Pupalup

Welcome back:)

I have lost count of the number of times that i have quit over the years.:o

All the experts say that the more times you try, the more likely you are to eventually succeed.

You can do it, it will happen because you want it to happen.:):D


Hello pupalup x x x x

Good to see you!

Sorry about all the ailments :(

All my best for your next quit, miss having you around here!! :o

~Buffy x x


Hi Pupalup

Linda here I caved after 6 months of freedom. So we are both starting day one together wellcome home. We will do this together Linda xxxxx


Hiya Ladies!!

This is the one Pupalup and Linda - this is it - yous are going to just storm through.........

Watch your backs everyone Pups and Linda are zooooooooooooooooming!!!

You are both so coool!!

With you all the way



Welcome Home Ladies!

Here is wishing you all the best for your quits

The 3 of you will all help each other along as you are all very strong

Good Luck to you all

Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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