No Smoking Day

Poppyfairy's Cleaning Lady

WOW - thought I was going to come in to a mess in here. You day 1 people keep things spotless! Nice and clean. No need to dust for Poppyfairy. I came in to make sure the room was perfect as Poppyfairy should be joining us on Monday :D I can't wait til she arrives and I don't want her dusting when she gets here. Good job keeping this room spotless folks ;)

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got a few cobwebs in my head at the moment if you want to clean them out


erm :rolleyes:

Never dusted a brain before!!!

I can't see properly. Pea-sized is really SMALL, mind passin' me my glasses - i think I made a whoops :eek:


wheres my brain gone !


Well Bou, if you needed two poo bags then the dog didn't eat it. The brain is pea-sized. I think you've got things all wrong. :confused:

Oh geez - :eek: What else could the dog have eaten???

Check the bottom of your slippers Boudee. We must find this brain :confused:


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