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day 3


Well let me say...Day 1 was ok..:)

Yesterday (day2) :eek: I woke in a very agitated mood which lasted off and on all day..Cant honestly say it was for the want of a cigarette as I remembered from the last failure how awful that first cigarette tasted and the dizzy feeling..Just felt as though I wanted to go in the middle of a field,clench my fists tight and scream.So glad when bedtime came, had a nice warm bath. Did not sleep too well as legs were agitated as well:rolleyes:

Today (day3):D Woke up feeling great.. fingers crossed it stays this way or at least not as bad as yesterday..Hope everyone has a good day..Behappyxx

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Well done behappy - everything you're describing about being agitated is totally normal.

its just your body getting rid of all the crap and sorting itself out.

Exercise helps - as well as screaming in fields :D

Stay strong :)

Hello Behappy!

I hope your hanging in there!! Day 3...way to go!:D

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