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Room for a liittle one??

I have been waiting to get home from work so i could post in here , cant believe i have made it to 2 weeks:D

Unfortuantley after meals etc i still want to smoke, sometimes i have to take myself outside for a few deep breaths as the temptation really is too much.. however i havnt given in yet and i just want a day where im not bothering about having a ciggie. Im also covered in mouth ulcers all over my gums and mouth which is a bit painful and im not sure if its the champix or the giving up smoking that has caused them? But im still here and still hanging in there and thats the main thing everything else will sort itslef out.

Hope everyone else is still going Ok?

Emma x

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Hi Emma welcome and well done.

I have been quit for 3 weeks and havent suffered with ulcers but my husband has been quit for 8 days and his mouth is covered with them. I know its getting him down but i dont know why he has them but i dont.

Keep thinking positive you can do it.


Oh! 2 weeks! way to go Emma!!

Are thats such a great attitude you have there!

Priceless ;)

Grats and tis good to see you doing so well x x

~Buffy x x


Well done Emma!! I quit on the 12th (now day 10) with Champix and strangely this last couple of days my gums and tongue have felt really sore, I think you can get this whether you're on champix or not as I had to see dentist recently and was told that your gums get worse when you quit but then they recover and are then better than before!! Here's hoping its sooner rather than later eh, hang on in there you're doing so great, mouth ulcers are a small price to pay for getting rid of the weed for good :D :D


Good JOB!!! WAY TO GO!! :D


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