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I've made it to week 2. Hello everyone, does anyone have any tips on the overeating habit I have aquired. OH is more concerned than me ( considering he is no slim jim himself). I have managed to refrain from my choccie, but it's the picking. I am going to get a bike to excerise and hope my rear end will not need a "wide load" side. Wish me luck,:D

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Morning shojam.

I wouldn't worry about the 'picking' too much at this stage. I was picking all the time but now i'm nearly 8 weeks on i don't pick as much. If your really worried maake yourself pick on healthy food like fruit, even dried fruit can make excellent picky food. Exercise is a great idea too. Ite helped me.


Good Morning to you both, I am so pleased that you have managed to stay quit and I would say dont worry too much about the snacking there are not many who manage to quit and dont put a few ton on oops meant pounds :D I put 10LB in the first couple of weeks but am back to Normal or as normal as I was before quit and my OH says I have never been normal, not sure what he means but dont think he means my weight.

Crisps and jelly babies and cadburys choc, pork pies and cheese are all none fattening arent they?? or maybe food wise I should not give advice as I am now really struggling to stop wanting all those things so ignore me and do what ever it takes to stay quit and good luck.


Don't know about anything else, but I'm almost certain Cadbury's chocolate is virtually fat free :D :D

Thanks for your comments and advice, I'm off to buy a whole nut :D :D


Shojam you dont need to go and buy one there are hundreds on here are there not kittykat x


one at a time..... not chocolate bars!!

I started eating truckloads when I first stopped, and was getting a bit concerned, but then I thought i would eat rubbish for a month and then start worrying about the weight issue as I had enough to contend with stopping smoking!! Got to a month, then thought not ready to diet yet, leave it for another month! Still haven't started dieting, but have started doing a little bit of gentle exercise, but the appetite thing seems to have calmed down a bit anyway!!

What's a bit of extra weight, at least you're not a stinky smoker anymore!!!



Hi, I put on nearly a stone in the first month, I'd lost 2 stone last year and was very worried about the weight issue and a few times I thought I'd rather be a slim smoker but how wrong was I? Since quitting I have noticed that quite a few smokers are very overweight or even obese and that is not a good combo!

I think your metabolism slows down to a normal rate when you quit, as smoking increases it un-naturally, my digestive system was and still is in a right old state and that can make you feel bloated and overweight. I eat for England for 6 weeks but good news is I've settled down now and although i pick loads i try and alternate between healthy and naughty.

I have shed 4lbs through regular exercise ie a good steady walk, few skips and chasing 4 year old round the park!

Food tastes amazing as an ex smoker so enjoy it, everything in moderation is good for you. I highly recommend snack a jacks, i sit and graze on them all night, they taste good and low in fat.

I rather enjoy the challenge of losing a bit of weight as it takes my mind off concentrating on quitting smoking!!


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