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Good Morning


Hi every1

I am going onto the 0.5mg champix tablets from 2morrow to wean me of them so i have a 2 month supply then thats it no safety blanket. I dont even think about smoking at all now hopefully that will continue after i stop taking the tablets.

So another weekend zooms onto the horizon, i have my daughter around this weekend so that means i will have to sit through casualty not one episode but two as i had to record last weeks episode Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

So another weekend of shopping and washing to look forward to.

Well still doing lots of hard work up the gym still not noticing any difference but all exercise is good for you.

I hope every1 has a nice smokefree weekend.

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Your daughter rocks :D hehehehe

My boyfriend said last week 'it's the rugby world cup and you'll be the only person in the country watching BLOODY Casualty!' :D hehehehehe

Grats on moving down!! going great guns there x x x x

Have a great time with your daughter x x

Don't spend too much christmas is coming!

~Buffy x x

Morning you lovely ladies

Buffy i cant stand hospital dramas they are crap

Miss Boudee how do you know i have got a week end i didnt think you could see it in that photo i sent you oooops shouldnt have said that. thats our secret i dont suppose anyone will notice LOL.

I hope you both have a lovely weekend, Miss Boudee have fun with your new doggy :)

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